IPTV Frequently asked questions, answered.

Today in the age of technology, you can see several ways by which TV material can be furnished these days. One of the best systems is to introduce to make a huge influence is IPTV. The name specifies, IPTV, known as Internet Protocol Television, is formed throughout the use of Internet Protocol and it the service is likely to be used in synchronizing with the telecommunications with which broadband connections are used extensively, any service which bring packet data can be used.

1. Open Kodi.

2. Select TV

 3. Select Enter add-on browser

4. Select PVR IPTV Simple Client

5. Select Configure

6. Select General

7. If you have a URL for your m3u list set Location to Remote Path (Internet Address)

8. Then Select M3U Play List URL

9. Enter the URL of your M3U PlayList and select OK

10. If you have an M3U text file stored locally on your network/computer/box then set the Location to Local Path (include Local Network)

11. Navigate to where the file is stored and select it

12. Then Select M3U Play List URL

13. Select OK, 14. Select Enable

15. Wait for the notification of channels loaded

16. Now when you go back to the Home Screen and select TV

☑ You shall have the channels now then!

EPG LINK: http://server.iptvportugal.tv:8010/xmltv.php?username=xxxxxxxx&password=xxxxxx

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